Virtual Support Group 

Being part of a  community makes all the difference when it comes to overcoming any situation.

Here for you every step of the way 

Due to COVID-19 our plans to begin our local support group were derailed. However, we have decided to take the support group online and open it nationwide. Beginning August 31st we will hold an online support group, 2 times a week. The ABC's To Self Love is a 12 week program ran by the board members from DCHEW. This program is for all women 18+. This support group will guide you through self discovery and your power as a woman. 

Discussions will be guided by the topic of the week

At DCHew, we are here to help you help yourself

What to Expect When Attending a Support Group

  • This is not a group led by professionals.

  • All members support each other.

  • Confidentiality is important for everyone. What is discussed in the meeting should remain in the meeting.

  • No judgement will be given or received.

  • The other group members may tell their stories, it is not a requirement. It may help you reflect on your own story.

  • You will see hope in self discovery.

To join please email us at info@dchew.org

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